Viral Marketing Ultimate Guide

We already shared with you the tools that will help you with your performance marketing campaigns. Now it is time to speak about something different.

How to Create Viral Content?

Viral content is content that makes people laugh, cry and share the story they see. Here some of the basic features of the content that can go viral:


  • 1.Viral content is contradictory;
  • 2.It is attention-grabbing and humorous;
  • 3.Viral content has a strong CTA (even if you don’t realize it).

All the stories that touch users’ hearts make them send the content to their granny on WhatsApp and get millions of likes – that’s the content we will create with you.


Viral Content Recipe

Bernie Sanders did not expect to become the number Internet 1 meme of 2021. Its popularity helped raise money for the charity. Is this a coincidence or a viral marketing strategy? Let us see how you use the meme of Bernie Sanders to learn your lesson on viral marketing.


Know Your Target Audience

Promoting digital marketing agency with viral marketing is an effective solution. The potential clients of your services are not teenagers, so make a target audience research. Creating an avatar of your customers is highly important to engage them. The customers of your business are middle-aged business owners from Europe, for example. Create the content that they will like and share. It should be:


  • 1.Engaging;
  • 2.Emotional;
  • 3.Surprising.

Choose the Platform

Your target audience, if they are business owners, are most likely to use LinkedIn or Xing. Make a research on the algorithms of the mentioned social media to learn how the pics and videos get an organic outreach in these social media. LinkedIn stills get higher the posts with many likes and hashtags, so:


  • 1.Make a hashtags research;
  • 2.Do trends watching of the social media;
  • 3.Know the context of the current events;
  • 4.Research the competitors’ viral videos.

These will be the core things you need to do while choosing the platform.

Make a Video

Why video? It’s a fact that video content gets more organic outreach and a higher engagement.Create the video that your target audience can relate with:


  • 1.Business guide;
  • 2.Funny stories about business ownership;
  • 3.Awkward stories that your target audience never talk about;
  • 4.The story about work life.


It must be the content that they would love to share with their colleagues. Take a story that your target audience identifies with and find the contradiction in it. After that, add a bit of distortion. All the subs and sounds if needed. Repeat, repeat the video if needed. That is your recipe for making a viral video!

Viral Content Bonus Tip: Don’t Amplify It

When you create viral content, you must leave some space for the thoughts in it. Don’t exaggerate the situation too much. The more room you make – the better your content will be. Keep up with comments under your video, and the algorithms will get your video even higher!

To Sum Up

Remember that creating viral content for the social media of the business is creating a piece of art. The users have to identify the content with themselves. The content should be native and actual at the same time. The effect of your video being viral must be emotional. Play with people’s emotions, and you will get your content to be viral.