Social Data: What You Should Know to Launch a Marketing Campaign

Now, when the COVID-19 changes dramatically, the direction of traditional marketing in the way of a digital one. During the last year, the COVID-19 changed how marketing managers allocate budgets and spend more on social media and PPC.

Such data help us with user flow and many more. Astarte Digital Lab will show you the best practices on how to launch successful marketing. With social data, of course.

Social Data: What Is it?

It is a scope of metrics that determines the features of a group. This group is called the “target audience” in marketing. We will use the term in the article. Marketing managers separate the data into categories, which makes it easy for further processing and manipulation.

Let’s see the categories of social data that marketing managers use to boost your sales.

Demographic Characteristics

You can figure out the components of this kind of data.

  • 1.Its habitat;

  • 2.Gender of your target audience;

  • 3.Age;

  • 4.Identity of the people you are targeting.


It describes the inner state of the target audience. Usually, the features of the data are:

  • 1.Values of the target audience;

  • 2.Hobbies of the people you want to target;

  • 3.Lifestyle;

  • 4.Their interests, even if it includes NFTs;

  • 5.Needs and behavior of the target audience.

    Knowing all of these features, here is the example of the data you will use to promote the above-mentioned online English classes:

  • 1.Values – children and family;

  • 2.Interests – education, books, languages;

  • 3.Behavior – involved buyers.

You must collect and process data correctly to easily apply it in launching a successful marketing campaign.

How to Collect Social Data: Top Tools

When we know what we are looking for, it is time to learn how to do that. You may ask how to collect social data that will work effectively in my marketing campaigns?


Pixel is one of the ways to collect data. Pixel is a piece of code that the webmaster installs into the code of your website. 

What can you do with that?

  • 1.Collect the data of the users who visit your website;

  • 2.Work with this data: do remarketing;

  • 3.Watch your conversions

That is why it’s so popular among businesses with limited teams.

Google Tag

Google tag is also a popular instrument among marketing managers and business owners who want to collect and process the incoming data. It is also a piece of code that a webmaster installs into the website.

If we compare Facebook pixel and Google Tag, the tag can track much more characteristics. 


Cookies are the data packages that the browser generates. Setting cookies is a bit complicated for an inexperienced marketing manager. Give this work to a webmaster who is good with HTTP and domains.

By cookies, you can store the data about each visitor. Afterward, you can use the data in remarketing campaigns.

Launching Marketing Campaign: Platforms Types

Before launching any marketing campaign, you have to decide what platform you will use and 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Facebook, Google, Bing, and many more platforms provide PPC type of traffic purchase.

Cost Per Mile

It is also popular among the media and social media platforms. You pay for 1000 impressions.


CPA is a great way to pay for the results. You pay a webmaster a percentage from the sum of the sale they made.

Cost Per Lead

CPL is one more type of traffic purchase. These are the people who left their contacts on your website. You can count people by other metrics: the ones who fill in the form or called.

Launching a Campaign

When you know how to purchase traffic, let us look at the details you need to know about to choose the most appropriate for your business goals.

Google: Search and Display Campaign

These campaigns help you reach people when they search for anything. And the display ones show the people ads while working on the net.

Google Campaigns

Local campaigns are the ones to reach people offline. It is good to use when you promote a local coffee or a restaurant.

Google: App and Video Campaigns

If you want to increase sales within the app, use it. For example, if you want users to install your app, such campaigns are the top ones. 

FB: Traffic Campaigns

PPC campaigns of Facebook and Instagram help gain users to your website. Choose this campaign purpose.

FB: Conversion Campaigns

CR as a marketing purpose and the campaign are the perfect picks when you want to sell online. The pixel will help you with the segments of your target audience. Also, it will help you count the clicks on your website.


Social data is a valuable asset to gain the lead or new user. Do not violate the rights of your users to keep on going with marketing campaigns.