How to Make a Marketing Plan for the SME’s Promotion?

A marketing plan is the activities combination to help a company promote the attitude to a product. These actions improve reaching the target audience and boosting the online visibility with SERM.


  • 1. a roadmap of your product development;

  • 2. resources allocation;

  • 3. sales points;

  • 4. a complex view of the customers' pains;

Types of Marketing Plan

Various targets define different marketing plans. Every business has to have its strategy. Let us take a look at some of the basic features you can implement into your business activities:

Timely Marketing Plan

This type of marketing plan highlights the strategy you should take in a defined interval of time. A timely marketing plan is about the delivery time and the profits you can get in the time set. It can be a plan for a month, quarter, or year.

Paid Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is based on paid campaigns such as PPC (pay-per-click), paid ads in social media, or other publishers. PPC is a traffic buying model where advertisers pay a fee each time anyone has clicked on their ads, which is quite a handy way to get traffic. This type of marketing plan can be a part of the previous timely plan.

SMM Plan

This plan is the plan for social media development. You can pay for promotions or ask a blogger to speak about your company. It is also a great way of boosting the reputation of the company. The plan includes budgeting, time of delivery, and goals of the social media activities.

Content Plan

Content marketing is a combination of methods that help reach the marketing needs through content: texts, graphic images, videos. This plan works well when content is one of the instruments for the promotion.

New Product Launch Marketing Plan

This plan shows you how to launch a new product and boost it to the market. This one is tricky and one of the most difficult to implement. It includes interviews of the target audience, market research.

Components of Marketing Plan?

Every marketing plan has various components. They can vary from a strategy to a strategy, but the basics are the same. Here are some features of a marketing plan that you will need:

Measure Success

Creating a measurable KPI plan is what you need. KPI is a way to monitor the progress towards the goals that you have already set. It is an excellent way to see the gaps in the plan or activity. For example, when you create a user journey map, you can use a flowchart for this purpose. How to measure the success of the process? Establish the KPI on time, quality of the activities.

Create User Avatar

If you want the business to achieve its needs – make a plan for the people you want to reach. You have to create an avatar of your buyer. It will help you to form an offer correctly.

Create an Offer

Make an offer correctly to make people get interested in it. Today, we have lots of possibilities to do that: websites, social media, apps. There are many platforms to broadcast your offer and the business values to the end-user of your product.

Get Your People

The owners of a company can make a plan on their own. Getting a team of professionals is a much more effective way to get higher results. There are various options to hire an offshore team that can help you with marketing, product launch. Who needs to do everything alone if you can do it all together?!

Do the Budgeting

Resources are limited, that is why it is crucial to do the budgeting for the launch, marketing campaigns. Create a payment plan, and do not forget to calculate all the taxes to avoid getting in trouble.

Analyze More

A competitive analysis is a strategy where you identify major competitors in the field and analyze their tactics, activities, services, and products to improve your own business and strategy. Learn from the best and analyze the fails of your competitors to get better results.

Tools to Create a Marketing Plan

Several tools can help you make your marketing plan.
  • 1. Discord is a comfortable app for communication. It can be essential if you have a remote team and need to connect with them every day;

  • 2. UpClose & Persona is the market research tool that can help you create a TA avatar and get more info on market research;

  • 3. Miro is an app for process mapping. Here you can visualize your ideas, do the brainstorming and share the boards;

  • 4. Canva. You can easily create a logo, graphic design, and videos here. It is a free editing app tools for teams of collaborators;

  • 5. Google Analytics is free service analytics. It helps you create detailed statistics of the website visitors. Also, you can get info about their location, gender, source of traffic.


Efficient marketing campaigns are performed with a detailed marketing plan only. You can create a marketing plan on your own, but the pros will do it better. Do not be shy to book a consultation with Astarte Digital Lab.