How to Improve SERM for Free

How to Improve SERM for Free

It is crucial to know what SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is. Every company has a reputation that has to be improved. A perfect reputation is essential when the company wants to grow.


The online reputation of your company is a doubtable thing. Especially when it is a start-up, and it has no client base and comments on the previous projects.


Search Engine Reputation Management is a way of handling your online reputation. It is the thing that anyone can see, leave a comment, that is why it is essential.


SERM is the tool that helps businesses develop a presence on the market. You need to accumulate a good reputation, so the other people and companies want to work with you.


SERM is also a competitive advantages strategy in marketing. It helps to become first on the list of searches for the defined requirements. The business you promote will prosper and grow if you boost the SERM.


Why Do I Have to Improve the Online Reputation of the Business?

Every company should take care of its reputation to be sure in its rapid development. The reputation impacts the decisions of the buyers.


People need to know if they can trust your company. Where will you search for the information when you need to know if the product is liable? The comments or review websites might help you with that.


SERM is also the online version of World-of-Mouth that is a type of advertisement when the person who used your services spoke about their experience. So they recommended your company to the neighbors, friends, etc. Customers can advise your company either by telling their colleagues about your business or bringing them to your business online.


World-of-Mouth is the most effective advertisement for new and small businesses. The most pleasant thing here is that it is free.


The price of your product must match the quality. On the other side, if your customer is upset, World-of-Mouth can work oppositely. That means if one client does not like the product or dislike the attitude of a salesman, they can spread a negative opinion about your company. So each company has to be polite in communication with all customers to avoid such misunderstanding.


How Can I Improve Online Reputation?

Every business can improve its online reputation. There are several variants of improving any reputation:


Paid Media

There are different types of paid media. It can be an external article, blog, or vlog, sharing on forums.


  • 1. Articles with external links. A company can pay the websites for publishing articles with links that have anchor keywords of the promoted company. 

  • 2. Blogs. Today, it is the most popular type of advertisement. We all have Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Every day we watch posts, and sometimes we can not understand the things we see are advertisements. 

  • 3. Forums. Forums are the websites where people describe their problems or ask questions to the audience. You can pay to forums, and they will put a link or review to your website.

Owned Media

Owned media is a type of media that is under the control of the contributors. They can be a social app or a channel on TV, or a website/forum. It is reasonable to promote your business there.


Free Tools For Search Engine Reputation Management

There are some paid and free tools for SERM management. It is reasonable to use free tools to improve your online reputation.


SEO Optimization

What is SEO optimization? It is the most important thing for companies if they aren’t flooded with clients. SEO optimization is a combination of actions that support the popularity of the company. We need SEO to raise the site’s position in the search engines like Google. Business needs SEO to make its client base bigger and get a higher audience outreach.


Social Media Activity

If you are an owner of the company, you need to know your target marketing group. You can use flowcharts to create a map of the user flow. The visualization helps to determine which target audience to target. Social media is an effective source of all kinds of audiences. Use the flowchart you created to attract users from Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Improve your company and get it to the top of search lists with our Viral Marketing Ultimate Guide. Viral marketing is something you need to implement to get a higher outreach of your company. We also can consider the tool a part of your SERM strategy.


Start improving your online reputation by applying our rules on SERM development. Optimize the visibility of your website or business for the needs of your customers. Watch online reputation closely so the potential customers of yours can easily find you, trust you and grow with you.