Content Marketing Hacks of 2021: Top Picks

The landscape of marketing trends has changed dramatically since the outburst of COVID-19. We and our loved ones shop online, chat online, date, and celebrate each event with help of Zoom.

Quality content of the platforms is what helps us to find what we’re looking for. Relevant information about products, news, or updates on the topic. We would like to show you the ways on how to improve the content of your website to be top of search results and create an engaging, relevant, and enjoyable experience for the users of your platform.

How to Improve Website Content

The narrative that you create with the content of a website has one purpose. Influence and direct user flow in the way to achieve the goals of the website. The CR (conversions) can be different: purchase, reading of an article, likes, or shares. Here are the types of content you need to improve to achieve these goals:

Text Content

A proven way to improve text content is to learn the SEO rules. Here are some updates of 2021 that will help you to get a good rand on the search:

  • Unique and humane content. Create high-quality texts and with external and internal links;
  • Link authority matters (quantity and quality of backlinks). Connect your text with videos, quotes to the other authority resources;<
  • Mention thematic reputation. Make sure your texts are relevant to the website material;
  • Object lighting (subject expertise). Find your angle and add something new to the lightning of the topic to make the text noticeable for the Google AI;
  • User engagement is critical. The more shares and likes you get, the better reach you will get.

Graphic Content

Illustrations and videos make your platform more attractive to users. Here is our list of improvements for your website in 2021:

Trend Watching

Trend watching is crucial to create relevant and modern content. Go to Dribble or Awwwards to get an updated view on design trends of 2021:

  1. 3D illustration
  2. Skeuomorphism and metamorphism
  3. Brutalism. minimalism and clarity
  4. VR

These are going to be the custom design trends in 2021.

Graphic content SEO Optimization

If you think that you can optimize text only with SEO, you are wrong. Do it with the links to the graphic content of your website. That’ll let users find relevant information: graphics, infographics, videos.

  • Compress files
  • Collect backlinks


Videos are what get the highest engagement among all the types of content. Make sure the videos on your website are:

  • SEO optimized;
  • Have an appropriate length;
  • Modern and juicy. Use motion design in your video
  • Relevant to the topic of the page
  • Has and expertise and engagement

UI/UX and Usability

User experience and user interface improvement is the key to the hearts of the users.

  1. Adaptive design is what you need for your website to be ranked highly by Google. It’s simple, the faster your page uploads, the higher rank get a website.
  2. Make the technical audit of your website: Reduce the length of CSS and JavaScript, cache pages;
  3. Create a responsive mobile version of the website to fit in all the formats of the gadgets;
  4. Use Google optimize to reduce the bounce rate.

Here you can find a full list of 2021 Google updates on SEO:

  • afe browsing
  • Mobile friendly
  • First input delay.


The most significant is that you have to watch the E-A-T of the content of your website. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy are the 3P’s of Google search. Stress on the local optimization, quality of the content, and don’t forget to add links to the informational sources. Good luck!